Actuarial Modeling Platform

2018 Finance Innovation Award

2018 Finance Innovation Award

STOCHAc Actuarial Modeling Platform


State-of-the-art Cloud Based Actuarial Modeling platform
The only Fully Modular Actuarial Solution
The Most Comprehensive Modeling Platform, C++, GPU Cuda, C#, R, Python..
The Fastest and Least Power Demanding Solution
Leading team of Proven Industry Experts by domain
Award Winning Actuarial Innovative Solution


Individual Modules are also proposed as standalone tools or can be interfaced with existing solutions, such as:


A powerful drag & drop no-code data transformation and aggregation system that fulfills the needs of Solvency II & IFRS 17. 


STOCHAc Auditor
The most secured and extensive blockchain based Audit Trail, which uses 256 Bits encryption, used by the US National Security Agency.

Flexible A la carte modeling

STOCHAc is the ideal mean to manage any model(s) currently running outside of core system(s) or not performing as intended in existing solutions, such as Stochastic & Nested Stochastic modeling. It offers the possibility to gradually migrate models, with minimal disruptions.This gradual approach also drastically mitigates the risks typically linked with overall systems replacements




With STOCHAc, insurers will be able to achieve the most demanding requirements with a degree of Speed, Precision and Flexibility never reached before, giving them an unparalleled advantage over the competition.

Insurance companies and financial institutions worldwide call for sophisticated modeling software for products pricing, capital and risk management and increasingly demanding regulatory and financial reporting requirements, for instance: Solvency II (EU), Principle Base Reserving (US), and IFRS 17 (EU and International) …

These entail exceedingly demanding calculations speed and high accuracy. And as such, precludes the use of traditional methods, such as “Data Compression” which utilizes a sampling, and instead forces calculations at a policy level.

Furthermore, most new regulatory bodies, call for highly elevated and complex internal controls which can only be secured by an end to end platform, with a sophisticated set of tools and powerful audit trails.

All these daunting requirements are precisely why we developed a Truly Unique Solution from the ground-up to address the multiple challenges faced by Insurers and Financial institutions globally.

There is simply not enough actuarial bandwidth and expertise to handle all of the required work. Outdated legacy systems are prevalent and driving the need for actuarial transformation

E&Y A.M.S Business Case & Leading Practices

Only with a truly integrated solution that connects the data, systems and process environment between Finance and Actuarial will insurers be able to meet the new regulatory and accounting reporting challenges of the future.

E&Y Impact of IFRS 17

Phased Product Deployment

A disciplined march through the segments that require pressing use of our solution.

Examples of Features

  • Modern User Optimized Interface
  • 256 Bit Encrypted Audit Trail
  • Economic Scenario Generator
  • Powerful “User Friendly” Migration Tool – ETL
  • Sophisticated Actuarial Calculator
  • Large Actuarial Formulas Library
  • Pre-optimized Model Libraries, to be used as building blocks
  • C++, C#, Python, Modeling
  • RStudio Modeling
  • Integrated Excel, for easy Reconciliation & Audit
  • Coding Tools i.e. UML, Code Compare, Snippets
  • System Generated User Interface – New Models
  • GPU, CPU multithreading & parallel computing
  • Most Powerful Machine Learning & GPU HPC
  • Instant Remote Support
  • Collaborative Chat Rooms
  • Dynamic Issue Tracking and Monitoring.
  • Company & User Rights Management
  • Batch Processing
  • Files & Template Repository
  • Much More …

RStudio Machine Learning, GPU Version for STOCHAc : RStudio was completely integrated in STOCHAc
for seamless inter-operations.

Python was completely integrated in
STOCHAc for seamless inter-operations.

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STOCHAc : La plateforme actuarielle de modélisation et de calcul la plus rapide et la plus complète du marché.

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