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Consulting Services

The industry talent shortage and the ever-increasing regulatory changes have deepened the strain of actuarial teams.

Hence, gaining access to expert resources through peak demand on an as needed basis is becoming critical.

Alleviating the actuarial workload while increasing the overall efficiency, will enable senior management to focus on key strategic business matters such as product design & strategy or risks, rather than time consuming outsourceable functions.


Actuarial Consulting Services

money Valuation & Reserving

  • Statutory and IFRS reserving
  • IFRS 17: Portfolio Segmentation, Contractual Service Margin, Risk adjustments & auditability
  • Asset Liability Modeling
  • Market Consistent Embedded Value
  • Risk Capital Allocation and optimization
  • Stress Testing


money US Principles Based Reserving

  • Framework, Preparation and Implementation
  • Asset Adequacy Analysis

statistics Financial Reporting

  • Framework, Preparation and Implementation

money Solvency II implementation and review

  • Liquidity & Market Risk Management
  • Solvency Capital Requirement
  • Internal model
  • Own Risk Solvency Assessment

money Product development & pricing

  • Product pricing and design
  • Asset/Liability modelling
  • Deterministic and Stochastic cash flow projections

statistics Life Reinsurance

  • Expert Advisory Services in all Matters Related to Life Reinsurance
  • Reinsurance Arrangements Implementation
  • Business Process Reengineering

Actuarial Modernization Services

Key Actuarial Modernization Triggers:

  • Regulatory, Tax and Reporting Compliance
  • Legacy or Inefficient Actuarial systems
  • Actuarial cost reduction & optimization
  • Lack of timely, precise and actionable data
  • Improve Overall Risk Management

We understand the impact of an Actuarial Modernization is extensive. As such, InsurTech Global is committed to bring on board, a world class team of actuarial, finance, technology and strategy professionals, for each assignment to help ensure that your company receives the optimal value from a holistic Actuarial Modernization solution.